How to do keyword research for amazon affiliate marketing and blogging site? beginner guide

how to do keyword research for amazon and blogging site

Affiliate marketing or blogging, whatever you say, you must need SEO. And the first step to starting SEO is keyword research. Because no matter how good the content you write and on-page optimization, no matter how good the backlinks are if you can’t do keyword research properly, won’t rank your page in Google.

So today we will discuss how to do keyword research for Amazon or blogging sites. Keep reading till the end of the article keeps learning new techniques.

What is keyword research?

A keyword is one or more sentences or words. The keyword is what you type in search engines. When working with a keyword on a search engine page, you need to know about that keyword first. We always have to check the search volume, keyword difficulty, competition of the keyword, before working on that keyword.

keyword research is a process that has to be completed from keyword search to webpage usage.

What is keyword search volume?

When a keyword is searched in Google, it is called keyword search. And when many people search for that keyword in a specific area or all over the world, it is called keyword search volume. It is difficult to work with keywords that have a higher search volume because it will take a long time to rank in search engines with those keywords.

When selecting keywords for your affiliate or blogging site, follow the 4 tickers given below.

  • How many websites are working with that keyword? Example: Allintitle: Your keyword, Allinurl: your keyword.
  • Where your competitor site has done keyword placement. Example: Url, title, Meta description.
  • Analyze Your competitor sites. Example: backlink, SEO, PA, DA, article. Because if you do the analysis, you will understand whether you can come to Google first if you work with that keyword.
  • If you want to bring your site to the first page of Google. Then ON page and off-page SEO must be implemented

How to do keyword research?

There are many ways to do keyword research. Free and paid can be done in two processes. It would be best to use paid tools. Because using the free method, you can get more keywords in less time than you can by using paid tools. I will try to show in two processes. You do it the way you like the process.

Follow Keyword Golden Ratio :

Use Chrome Extension for keyword research

Below is a list of some Chrome extensions for keyword research: These extensions are very useful for keyword research. If you add an extension to your Chrome browser, when you type a keyword and search, the browser will show the search volume of that keyword and CPC, keyword idea, etc.

  1. Keyword Surfer (FREE) 
  2. keyword Everywhere (PAID) 
  3. SEO quake (FREE)
  4. Moz (Free)

Using the above-mentioned extensions, you can search for any keyword or long-tail keyword and find out the details about the keywords.

Types of keywords?

Now a question that comes to your mind is how many types of keywords. And what could they be?

  • Commercial keyword / Money Keyword)
  • Information Keyword

Commercial keyword / Money Keyword)

We can call a commercial, Money, or Buying keyword when people want to know about the purpose of purchasing their daily required product or service or by searching on Google or search engine about that product. ( Example: best gaming chair under 100$ )

Informational Keyword

Informational keywords are called Info keywords. These keywords are usually searched on Google for information only by those who search. And if you search on Google to find information about a topic in a search engine, those keywords are called informational keywords.

You can never generate affiliate commissions with all these keywords. Because those who search with all these keywords are interested but not to buy the product. You can never generate affiliate commissions with all these keywords.

However, in order to increase the authority of the website, you must have informative keywords. ( Example: What is a gaming chair? )

Best Free Keyword Research Tool

A common problem for new marketers is the lack of budget to purchase and use paid tools. So I will try to give you an idea of ​​how to do keyword research for free. You can use Google Keyword Planner and some crome extensions for free for keyword research.

If you do not understand how to use. Do a search on YouTube. There are videos to watch any one of your favorite videos. You can also use Ubersuggest tools. Easily KGR (Allintitle Value / Search Volume) with these free tools You can choose a profitable keyword for your blogging site by applying the technique.

After applying this technique, if your result falls below 0.25, you can work with that keyword easily. This method can work with keywords with a minimum value of 0.25 and a maximum value of 0.45. You can get many keyword ideas using the free tools below.

Competition analysis has to be done after getting the keyword idea. Moreover, when you choose a keyword for Affiliate Marketing And Blogging, you will know which keyword is more profitable.

  • Google Trends 
  • Keyword Sheeter 
  • Ubersuggest 
  • Answer the Public (Limited Search) 
  • Google Autosuggestion 
  • Google Keyword planner
  • Google related search
  • SEO meta 1 click
  • LSI Graph

How to understand keyword competition.

There are some rules for keyword selection that is to find low competition keywords. Low competition keywords will help you to get ranking in Google and other search engines very easily.

Before ‍selecting any keyword, note a few rules:

  1. Allintitle: Value Below: 50 
  2. Allinurl: value Below: 50 
  3. KGR: Below 0.25 
  4. Competitor PA: Below 30 
  5. Competitor DA: Below 30
  6. Competitor Backlink: Below 5 To 10 Good 
  7. Article Length: Analysis 

There are also some paid tools that you can use to find low competition keywords in less time. However, if you follow the rules that I have given, you can find low competition keywords. No paid tools will be required. But it will take time.

Note: When choosing a keyword, try low search volume keywords like 80 to 250 per month.

Keyword research for amazon affiliate marketing

Niche site must have an Info article along with a Money article. And if you want to write an article, you must do keyword research. And already we discussed keyword research above. In the same process, you can do keyword research for Amazon affiliates.

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Best Paid Keyword Research Tool :

Paid tools use API KEY to provide good results in a very short time. That’s why I always suggest you use the paid tools. Moreover, these tools provide accurate information. Ahrefs is on the list of preferred paid tools of all SEO experts. Because it is possible to find good keywords very quickly.

Some more useful tools such as

  • Long-tail pro 
  • keyword revealer (3 Free Search Per Day)
  • Semrush 
  • Ahrefs 
  • Spyfu 

If you use Paid Tools I would tell you to use these three tools ahrefs, Ubersuggest, Long Tail Pro. Because these three are the best tools for keyword research I have seen. If you do not know how to use these tools then watch the video below.

Keyword Research Master Guide :

If you are new to this sector or you do not understand how to do keyword research. So hire me from Upwork. I will find you a low-competitive keyword that will help you increase your Amazon sales and blog site traffic.

Hopefully from today’s discussion, you will learn at least a little bit about how to do keyword research for amazon’s niche site and blogging site or what to keep in mind. Finally, I would like to say one thing, if you like it, you must share it and follow it so that you get the notification of the update. God bless you.

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