How to Find a Profitable Amazon Niche? Step by Step guide

How to Find a Profitable Amazon Niche
Nowadays newbie affiliate marketers have a common question. The question is How to Find a Profitable Amazon Niche? So today I will share some secret tips with you and by following it you will be able to make niche selection very easily and in a short time. So let’s get started.

Niche Idea Generator

To get our niche idea first, visit and click on the All button in the corner as shown. Then after clicking on the All button you will see many topics and choose a topic from these according to your choice. And there will be a lot of categories within that topic. Now from those categories, you can click on a category of your choice and from there click on the topic you want to work on. For example, I will work with the Electronics category headphones sub-category, so my primary niche here is headphones.

Some tips for Amazone niche selection

  • Consider your passion or experience
If you have selected a niche in which you have no interest or experience, then you will not be able to work with that niche for a long time and you will get frustrated quickly.
  • Broad / Narrow / Micro Niche?
Broad niche: refers to things like big niches or electronics. This is a broad niche because there are many sections and sub-sections. Which could have been a niche. If you look at electronics, there are cameras, laptops, and many more electronics products. For which it is a wide niche. It is very difficult for a new marketer to work with Broad Niche Narrow niche: is a relatively small tropic. Broad niches have sub-categories and we can call each of them narrow niches. For example laptop, smartphone, camera, we can call them Narrow Niche. You can work with narrow niches if you are a beginner. However, you have to work for 6 months to 12months. Usually, these niche articles take some time to get keyword rank. Micro Niche: is a very small niche. This could be a subcategory of Narrow Nish. For example, if the smartphone is a narrow niche, then the mobile bands that are under it, such as iPhone, Vivo, Samsung, Realme, we can call one of them micro-niche. It will be very effective and you will be able to enjoy the affiliate income quickly. However, one problem is that not enough articles can be given under this niche.
  • Search Volume
You must pay attention to the search volume. If you have selected a niche that does not have much search volume. Then what will happen if you rank that niche, you will not be able to sell more. Surely you will not benefit from that niche. This is an important factor for profitable niche selection. So when choosing a niche, try to select a niche with a good search volume.
  • Low competition
But we have to keep in mind that there should be low competition in the place of competition. There are many topics that are already working for which those tropics are highly competitive. So we will do detailed research and know the competition keeping in mind while selecting the niche. Our work is not finished. We will know many more things like keyword research and will be able to understand after competitor analysis. Any niche is more profitable.

Check the amazon affiliate commission chart

Before making a niche selection, look at the Amazon ‍affiliate Commission Chart. Since you will be working with Amazon products, try to choose a higher percentage commission niche. If you choose a niche above 2%, you will be able to make a good profit.

Check Product price Before niche selection

Before choosing a profitable niche, we must know the price of the product, otherwise, how much commission will you get by selling a low-priced product? So we have to take a good look at the product price. In my opinion, the price should be from a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 1000. keep these kinds of products to your choices, you will definitely be able to make a good profit.

Check Product review Before niche selection

I think it is wise to make a selection based on product reviews. Because the customer feels comfortable buying the product with good reviews and good feedback. So you have to select a product that has very good feedback. Try to choose products with a minimum of 4.00-star reviews and try to choose products with around 100+ feedback.

The niche should have 40+ product

Must be at least 40 or more products in any niche. Because a niche site must have at least 100 articles and more than 40 Money articles and more than 60 information articles. A niche under which no more than 100 ‍articles can be provided will never be profitable. Follow all the above tricks and choose 5 niches. And make notes in ‍ Excel file. Notice the image below. How to Find a Profitable Amazon Niche Then search Google according to your niche and note the tropics on the page of the site that will come up at the beginning. Then we know that 1 out of every 100 people buys a product online, we will get 1% of the total sales of traffic. Then note the average selling price of the products we have chosen on Amazon under that niche. Then note in Excel that Amazon will share with you the affiliate Percentage for that topic. Find out how much income you will have in the end if you work with that niche. Formula Is:

Total Conversion rate * Average selling price * commission rate = Your earning

So in this way, we can do niche selection in an initial way.

Keyword research for amazon niche

Now after the initial niche selection, we will now do keyword research for that topic. So for keyword research, we will use an excel sheet which is given below. How to Find a Profitable Amazon Niche Already I have an article on how to research keywords you can read. I am not discussing that here. So if a niche has a large number of money keywords and info keywords and if you get good keywords in that niche, then that niche can be said to be fairly good, but the final decision can be taken by competitor analysis.
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Competitor analysis for Profitable niche

So after keyword research, we have to do a competitor analysis with that keyword and for this follow the picture below. How to Find a Profitable Amazon Niche We also have an article on competitor analysis that you can read. Because the details have been discussed there. However, unlike those keywords, those that have competition need to be optimized and audited to find their weak points. If you can bid your competitor when you see the opposite of those keywords, then you can work with that niche.
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So this way you can easily research profitable Amazon niche. Hopefully from today onwards, you will not face this question anymore. If you like it, don’t forget to share it on the Facebook timeline.

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